Monitor Audio SOUNDFRAME 2 In Wall Speaker (Each)

Monitor Audio

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For the finest blend with the latest ultra-thin wall-mounted TVs, the SoundFrame in-wall (i-W) models offer an easy, elegant way to conceal the entire cabinet in a wall cavity.

In technology and performance the three in-wall
models are identical to their on-wall versions but
achieve the ultimate flush-fitted look. Prefixed brackets and a redesigned surround facilitate the appearance of a hanging photo frame, which is possible only by mounting in-wall.

SoundFrame’s i-W design is quick and easy to
install. The unit simply slides into the wall cavity and is secured on four pre-fixed corner brackets. The high-gloss lacquer frame clips into place, concealing the corner fixings for a super-clean finished installation, just 19mm from the wall. As with the on-wall SoundFrame models, the connecting cable runs in the wall cavity, enters from the back and is connected at the front to provide the essential wire-free look.

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