On-Wall Outdoor Speakers

On-Wall Outdoor Speakers

Weatherproof on-wall speakers are the most popular type of outdoor speaker. These permanent wall mounted outdoor speakers feature IP (Ingress Protection) ratings for weather resistance all year round, so your speakers will perform year after year come rain or shine. They are designed to withstand rain, UV exposure and corrosion for long life in harsh conditions.

All on-wall outdoor speakers feature an integral bracket which can usually be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the installation location to provide left/right or up/down tilt. This makes them very versatile and easy to install almost anywhere. Most models are also available in black or white to suit the installation location, from traditional brick and stone walls, to crisp white rendered surfaces. Of course this type of on-wall speaker can also be used indoors, and are often referred to as architectural monitors.

Almost all on-wall outdoor speakers are passive and they therefore require an amplifier which must be located indoors. For outdoor speakers which feature a built-in amplifier, please see our range of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Outdoor Speakers.

When running speaker cable externally, we strongly recommend the use of weatherproof speaker cable which is designed to withstand moisture and UV exposure.

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