On-Wall Speakers

On-Wall Speakers

On-wall speakers can be used for a range of applications from outdoor music systems to home cinemas.

Outdoor Speakers - Weatherproof and UV resistant, this type of on-wall speaker provides high quality outdoor audio come rain or shine. Outdoor speakers feature built-in adjustable brackets which provide various mounting options. They can also be used for indoor applications where traditional architectural speakers would be impractical.

Home Cinema Speakers - Small satellite speakers and slim on-wall models are a good solution for home cinema systems powered by an AV receiver. Most models can be mounted horizontally or vertically for neat placement around a TV, and soundbar style designs can even provide left, centre and right channels in a single unit.

Picture Frame Speakers - These slim wall mounted speakers can be customised with photos and artwork for high quality audio without compromising interior aesthetics. Turn your stereo or home cinema speakers into works of art.

Soundbars - Active soundbars provide an easy performance upgrade for TVs, and can even be combined with other wireless speakers for easy-to-install immersive surround sound. While passive soundbars can be used with other passive speakers wired to an AV receiver to provide a neat front speaker solution.

PLEASE NOTE: Outdoor speakers typically have an integrated wall mount bracket, whereas indoor models including home cinema speakers and soundbars normally require an optional bracket for wall mounting.

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