Multiroom Amplifiers

Multiroom Amplifiers

Multiroom amplifiers are typically designed to power a single room (or zone). This type of amplifier can be used individually, or in multiples to provide audio in a single room or an entire house. By connecting multiple networkable amplifiers of this type together via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, you can create a multiroom audio system that provides indepandant control of each zone, but with the option to combine zones through grouping. This provides the ultimate flexibility to listen to the same or different music throughout your home, and is perfect for multiple users or families. All our Wi-Fi multiroom audio amplifiers can be easily controlled by multiple users via free mobile device apps, and in some cases PC software.

Connected multiroom amplifiers can play music from a huge range of music streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music and many more. They can also stream music directly from a mobile device over Wi-Fi, or from a PC or network hard drive for those with a digital music collection. Plus access thousands of internet radio stations, countless podcasts, and audiobook services. Accessing your favorite content all over your home has never been easier with multiroom audio systems like Sonos, Bluesound and HEOS.

When it comes to installation, Wi-Fi multiroom amplifiers make life a lot easier compared to the specialist integrated systems of the past. All your individual multiroom amplifiers can be housed in a single location if preferred, and this is often a good choice for new build and refurb projects where speaker cable can be installed at the same time as first fix electrics. Alternatively each amplifier can be installed in a different location and connected via Wi-Fi to make cabling easier for retrofit projects. And although multiroom amplifiers often feature a few basic physical controls, full operation is achieved via apps and software, so it's not necessary to have easy access to the amp itself. Making it possible to install these products in loft spaces, basements, cupboards, and other discreet locations.

Systems like Sonos are very straightforward to install, setup, and operate. In most cases in-ceiling speaker systems linked to multiroom amplifiers can be installed by an electrician, and many of our customers even undertake their own installations. But we understand that while these systems are relatively simple, starting from scratch can be daunting, so if you require any assistance with your project please contact us.

For further information, and to read more about multiroom amplifiers, please see our blog, What’s the Difference Between a Multi-Channel and a Multi-Zone Amplifier?

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