Amplifiers & Electronics

Amplifiers & Electronics

Amplifiers are a critical component of any audio system, and it's vital to select one that has the required features, connectivity options, and necessary power output. 2-channel stereo amplifiers are mainly used for music systems, and typically drive 2 or 4 speakers. Whereas multi-channel AV amplifiers have as many as 13 separate channels of amplification to power complex surround sound home cinema systems. Many amplifiers have wireless connectivity options including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to enable control from mobile devices, and Wi-Fi connectivity often facilitates multiroom audio capabilities.

Multiroom Amplifiers provide amplification and control for one or more rooms (zones). A number of amps of the same type can be connected together via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to create a true multiroom audio system that has a unified control system and the ability to group zones.

Wi-Fi Amplifiers provide wireless music streaming over Wi-Fi and are controlled via mobile device apps. Wi-Fi amplifiers typically have multiroom audio capabilities allowing you to group multiple amps and zones together to play as one.

Bluetooth Amplifiers can be easily connected to a range of devices for wireless audio streaming, but unlike Wi-Fi models, you can only connect to one amplifier at a time via Bluetooth, so they are not suitable for multiroom audio.

Home Cinema Amplifiers (or AV Receivers) are specialist multi-channel amplifiers that are required for driving the large number of individual speakers used in surround sound systems. They typically also provide video processing and switching for multiple sources, making them the heart of all good home cinema systems.

Subwoofer Amplifiers are specialist high power single channel amplifiers designed to drive passive subwoofers in home cinema systems. This includes in-ceiling and in-wall subwoofer drivers.

Installation Amplifiers are typically only used in custom installed audio systems and integrated multiroom audio. They often feature multiple channels in one unit to provide power for a number of zones, as well as advanced feature to provide a high degree of integration and customisation.

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