Ceiling Speakers by Location

If you're new to in-ceiling speakers you may want to browse our range by room to more quickly find suitable speakers for your requirements. While most ceiling speakers are suitable for most environments, some work better than others in certain spaces, and some are more specifically designed for more demanding applications. Here you can browse our catalogue of speakers by location for recommended models.

Large Room (eg. Open Plan Living)

Large rooms bigger than approximately 20m² (eg. a large lounge or kitchen/dining room) will benefit from the better bass response, higher power handing, and wider dispersion of speakers with larger 8-9" drive units.

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Medium Room (eg. Double Bedroom)

Medium sized rooms up to approximately 20m² (eg. a small lounge, kitchen or double bedroom) are best with a pair of medium sized ceiling speakers to provide good coverage and an immersive stereo sound.

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Small Room (eg. Office)

In small rooms up to approximately 8m² (eg. a small bedroom or office) in may not be practical to install a stereo pair of ceiling speakers. In this situation a Single Stereo model is a good solution.

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Bathroom / En-Suite

Bathrooms and En-Suites are typically not large enough to require multiple speakers, and a stereo pair can be impractical. Therefore Single Stereo in-ceiling speakers are often used in these areas.

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Wet Room / Shower

Wet rooms and showers require compact ceiling speakers solutions that are also IP (Ingress Protection) rated to ensure they can cope with damp conditions, high humidity, and direct water contact.

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Outdoor / Pool

Ceiling speakers for indoor pools and outdoor covered areas or installation in soffits need to be IP (Ingress Protection) rated to ensure they can withstand damp conditions, high humidity, direct water contact, and UV exposure.

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Boat / Yacht

Boats and luxury yachts require high quality IP (Ingress Protection) rated speakers which can withstand extreme marine conditions including water, particulates, UV exposure, salt spray, and corrosion.

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Home Cinema

Ceiling speakers can be used for home cinema systems to create ultra-discreet multi-channel surround sound. Angled drive units help direct sound towards the listening area for high quality audio without compromising décor.

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