Sonos Amplifiers & Streamers

The Sonos Amp is the market leading Wi-Fi streaming amplifier which can turn any speakers into a Sonos multiroom audio zone. It's the perfect partner for in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to create a high quality invisible audio system for a single room or an entire home*. Easy to install, and even easier to use, the Sonos Amp is compatible with a huge range of streaming services including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many more. Plus access internet radio (including local stations), podcasts, and audiobooks. The Sonos Amp is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect, allowing you to operate the system with apps you already know. You can also connect a TV or external analogue source to the Sonos Amp, allowing you to enjoy a range of content throughout your Sonos system.

If you have an existing Hi-Fi or AV system, then you can also easily add Sonos functionality to that as well. The Sonos Port is a Wi-Fi audio streamer which brings the Sonos experience to your existing speakers. Connect Port to your traditional audio equipment to stream music, radio, audiobooks and more from all your favourite services. The Port also features an analogue line-in connection which allows you to connect an external source such as a turntable or CD player. This source can then be played via the Sonos Port or streamed to any other Sonos speaker in your system.

*The Sonos Amp is designed to stream stereo audio for a single room/zone. A separate Sonos Amp is required for each independent zone. In some circumstances where different simultaneous content at different volumes is not required, a single Sonos Amp can sometimes be paired with a speaker switch to provide on/off control of a number of speakers. If you require further details or help with a system design please get in touch.