Passive In-Ceiling Speakers

Passive Ceiling Speakers (Wired)

Passive hardwired ceiling speakers are the most common type of in-ceiling speaker. They are powered and controlled from an external amplifier which is connected to the speakers via speaker cable.

In 9/10 installations passive wired speakers provide the best combination of performance, functionality, and reliability. Since an amplifier (such as the Sonos Amp) can power virtually any passive speakers, this type of system provides the most choice when it comes to sound quality and budget. Good speakers can also last a lifetime, so using separate components aids upgradability.

We stock a huge range of passive ceiling speakers from top speaker manufacturers including Bowers & Wilkins, Monitor Audio, KEF, DALI, Focal, JBL, Sonos and many more. Whatever your budget, we have great speakers to make your home audio project sound amazing! And if you need any assistance selecting the right components for your project, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

If you're looking for a complete music system then why not check out our personally curated Ceiling Speakers packages, which combine popular streaming amplifiers and speakers for great sounding systems at competitive discounted prices.

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