Sonos Soundbars

Sonos Soundbars

Sonos soundbars have been extremely popular ever since the launch of the original Playbar. The combination of great TV audio and app controlled music capabilities has made them a market leader ever since.

Their latest generation of soundbars have evolved to include Dolby Atmos compatibility, and combined with other Sonos products like subwoofers and standalone speakers, you can create an immersive multi-channel surround sound system without the need for additional equipment like an AV receiver. This has made Sonos a very popular solution for home cinema systems.

Sonos soundbars are perfect for improving the sound quality of TV audio for movies, sports and gaming, something which is often very poor from the TV itself. Their music streaming features, which are identical to other Sonos speakers, make them a truly multi-use product. Sonos soundbars also fully integrate with other Sonos products around your home for a true multiroom audio experience.

TOP TIP: You can actually stream TV audio connected to a Sonos soundbar to any other Sonos speaker or Amp on your network. So for example, you can play TV audio in the family room via the soundbar, but also listen to that audio in the kitchen through ceiling speakers and Amp. 

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