Wharfedale is one of Britain's oldest loudspeaker manufacturers and carries considerable weight within the Hi-Fi and audio/visual industries as a leading brand. Their products have made their mark as being of a very high standard in terms of sound and build quality, as well as reliability and value for money.

The Wharfedale WCM-65 ceiling speaker model carries a 165mm bass driver and pivoting titanium dome tweeter and gives a power handling of 120 watts. Whilst giving great sound quality at its price point it is also smaller than average, with an overall diameter of just 225mm.

The larger Wharfedale WCM-80 ceiling speaker model is the most cost-effective quality ceiling speaker on the market with a 200mm bass driver. It also features a pivoting titanium dome tweeter and boasts an impressive power handling figure of 140 Watts. Again, it is smaller than its competitors at only 268mm diameter.

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