Amp & Speaker Packages

Amp & Speaker Packages

Our personally curated amp & speaker packages offer great prices on a huge range of popular combinations. We think these packages work brilliantly together and provide the very best performance and value for money. Looking for a specific amp and speaker combination that we don't currently list? No problem. Simply get in touch with our experienced team and we'll be happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation.

These packages are all based around a single amplifier and are designed to function as an audio system from a single room. Multiple packages can be installed and linked together via Wi-Fi for true multiroom audio, and provide the flexibility of independent or grouped audio throughout a property. Simply add speaker cable and fire/acoustic hoods as required via the compatible accessories section on the product page.


Our most popular wireless streaming amplifier. Great features and high quality reliable performance, combined with easy setup and intuitive controls.

Sonos Amp & In-Ceiling Speakers
Sonos Amp & In-Wall Speakers
Sonos Amp & Outdoor Speakers


Offering a wide range of features at an affordable price, the WiiM Amp is a great way to enjoy wireless music streaming on a budget.

WiiM Amp & In-Ceiling Speakers
More speaker options coming soon...


High quality amplifiers compatible with Hi-Res audio including Tidal MQA Master Audio. Hi-Fi sound with 21st century features.

Bluesound Powernode & In-Ceiling Speakers
Bluesound Powernode & Outdoor Speakers
Bluesound Powernode Edge & In-Ceiling Speakers
Bluesound Powernode Edge & Outdoor Speakers

Denon HEOS

Top brand features and functionality for great quality multiroom audio on a budget.

Denon HEOS Amp HS2 & In-Ceiling Speakers
Denon HEOS Amp HS2 & Outdoor Speakers

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