Picture Frame Speakers

Picture Frame Speakers

Resolve the conflict between great sound and décor forever with Monitor Audio's SoundFrame series speakers which can be customised with photos, artwork and bespoke images.

SoundFrame is an ultra-discreet loudspeaker available in a choice of three models, each with an on-wall or in-wall option. SoundFrame 1 has a portrait aspect ratio; SoundFrame 2, a longer landscaped look, and SoundFrame 3 is a compact square-shaped speaker. Thanks to these three designs, SoundFrame is perfectly adapted for both home cinema and 2-channel stereo music systems.

All models are available in gloss black, gloss white, or frameless finishes, and can be customised with an extensive selection of photography and artwork, or even your own personal photos.

For further information and a bespoke quotation please contact us. Also, please see the following documents for more details.

Monitor Audio SoundFrame Brochure

Monitor Audio SoundFrame Grille Library


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