Home Cinema LCR Speakers

Home Cinema LCR Speakers

Front LCR (Left/Centre/Right) speakers are by far the most important channels in home cinema systems. They not only reproduce the majority of the soundtrack, including the all important centre dialogue channel, but also play a critical role in linking on-screen action to the audio soundstage. As a result, the quality of an LCR setup can make or break the immersive cinema experience.

Using three identical speakers for left, centre and right is considered the best solution to provide consistent audio across the soundstage, and LCR speakers are specifically designed so they can be used for all three front channels. Models include in-ceiling, in-wall, and on-wall placement options.

Wall mounted LCR speakers have a symmetrical design which allows them to be used horizontally or vertically (around a TV for example). Whereas in-ceiling models have internally angled drivers so the sound can be directed towards the listening area despite having a discreet ceiling mount location.

LCR speakers can also be used as surround channels to further enhance a system by using identical speakers for all main channels.

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