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Kitchen/Dining Room

Large open plan rooms such as kitchen, dining and family rooms will typically require 4 in-ceiling speakers to provide good quality sound and even coverage over a large area.

For best performance we also recommend the installation of 8"+ driver models to maximise bass response, dispersion and power handling.

Top tip: Adding a Sonos Subwoofer to a Sonos Amp and speaker system significantly boosts bass output and speaker efficiency. Perfect for electronic music fans or that kitchen disco!

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Bedrooms and other medium sized rooms typically require a pair of stereo in-ceiling speakers, and we recommend 6"+ driver models for optimum performance in medium sized rooms.

Top tip: Use the Sonos alarm function to wake up to your favourite playlist or radio station each morning, or use the Sonos sleep timer to help you drift off to natural soundscapes.

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Bathrooms and en-suites are often too small to accommodate a pair of in-ceiling speakers. Especially when downlights and extractor fans occupy ceiling space. In this case, a single stereo speaker is ideal.

Single stereo in-ceiling speakers feature one main drive unit but 2 tweeters for a partial stereo sound from a single speaker.

Please note: Although one speaker, single stereo models must be wired with a 4-core cable (or 2x 2-core cables) for the left and right inputs.

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Wet Room

Wet rooms, shower rooms and saunas are typically small spaces with very high humidity. These environments can be tough for any electronics.

Fortunately there are IP rated ceiling speaker models which are designed to withstand high humidity and direct water contact. Making them perfect for these more demanding environments.

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Home Cinema

A Sonos home cinema system will allow you to experience high quality immersive multi-channel surround sound for movies, TV and gaming. As well as all the music capabilities of other Sonos products.

Sonos has a range of TV soundbars, subwoofers, and surround speaker options which provide up to 5.1 Dolby Atmos surround sound. While you can use a Sonos soundbar on its own, the real magic happens when you pair one with a Sonos subwoofer and surround speakers for dynamic spatial audio that you can really feel. And as with all Sonos products, your home cinema system can fully integrate with your other Sonos multiroom audio components.

We love the flexibility and ease of use that Sonos home cinema systems offer, but if you are considering a high quality home cinema, dedicated cinema room, or one with specific speaker options, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements, as a traditional AV system might be more suitable.

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Kid's Room

While ceiling speakers are great for any room and provide high quality sound with near invisible aesthetics, some spaces, such as a kid's bedroom or office for example, may not require the same level of home audio integration. For these rooms a portable standalone speaker may be more suitable and cost effective.

Sonos offer a range on standalone and portable speakers which fully integrate with their other products including Amp and TV speakers, allowing you to expand your multiroom audio system into every corner of the home.

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Outdoor & Garden

Outdoor all-weather speakers can be permanently installed outside and are designed to withstand direct water contact, UV exposure, and freezing temperatures.

Wall mounted speakers are the most common type, but other models include ground spike, rock, and in-ceiling for covered areas.

Expanding a multiroom audio system like Sonos into your garden or outdoor space is a great way to enjoy music during the summer months.

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Sonos Amp

When the original Sonos ZP100 amplifier launched in 2005 it changed the way we thought about multiroom audio. For the first time, consumers had access to a cost effective modular wireless music system that they could configure to their own requirements, big or small.

The current Sonos Amp has evolved into a digital audio powerhouse. It remains the market leader and is the perfect partner to architectural speakers.

The beauty of the Sonos Amp is that it will power any passive speakers, and is fully app controlled. The Amps themselves can be installed in a remote location like a garage, utility room, or plant room. Customers undertaking a new build or refurb project will often opt for this configuration so there is no need to locate the Amp in the room itself. Alternatively, when retrofitting, Amps can be installed anywhere there is Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and will link together over the network.

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Our multiroom audio packages have been personally created by our experienced team of audio experts. They combine the very best wireless multiroom audio amplifiers with top brand speakers for hand picked audio solutions which we think provide outstanding sound quality and value for money. Our packages are also priced very competitively, so you'll get great discounts when buying these amp and speaker combinations. Simply add speaker fire/acoustic hoods and cable as required. is the home of great quality invisible audio solutions using in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Whether it's a single room for that kitchen disco, an entire house for multiroom audio in every room, or an immersive home cinema system. We have the products and know-how to help you achieve audio nirvana

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Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff who guided me to selecting the correct products for my application, superb service, delivered the next day, and the best price on the products I purchased.

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I spoke to a very helpful and knowledgeable person regarding ceiling speaker sizes to fit my room. The speakers arrived in perfect condition and were delivered promptly. Absolutely recommended business if you require any type of speaker… Thank you.

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Perfect help and advice

The whole purchase from start to finish, good advice, help, recommending the right product at the right competitive price to suit, I really could not fault this company for effort and help. Also was next day delivery which helped as we had almost forgot to order in time to suit our builders. Will be using again as build and expand my system throughout our house in the new year.

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Great service, packages and pricing

Emailed them on a Thursday for advice after seeing their website. Got a call back within an hour; not a sales pitch but genuine, honest advice and options. Decided to order some kit on the Friday - at really decent prices. Talked through the order before finalising. Kit was delivered Monday - all in order and I was playing music Monday night. It was a pleasure dealing with a company who wanted to sell the right thing, rather than just anything. Recommended

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Great Service

I called them up on spec based of a Google search on ceiling speakers for a project I was doing in my home. I got through to a really helpful chap called Jason who really made a big effort to understand what I wanted and what would fit my budget. Also, the pricing was competitive with great speaker/Sonos Amp bundles. Great service and follow up. Thanks Jason

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Excellent service and friendly, expert advice

Excellent, friendly, expert service from Tom. After promptly responding to my enquiry, having a useful phone consultation and receiving multiple recommended combo packages, I made a well informed purchase which arrived speedily and will I’m sure deliver an amazing sound.

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