Bluetooth In-Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

These Bluetooth in-ceiling speakers have built-in amplifiers, so they don't need to be wired back to external amplification. This type of active speaker simply requires a hardwired 240V mains power supply*, and will connect wirelessly to source devices via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth only speakers are the simplest, and therefore the most cost effective type of active in-ceiling speaker. A Bluetooth speaker can connect to any Bluetooth source such as a phone, tablet or TV. However the limitations of Bluetooth mean that a source cannot connect to more than one speaker at a time. As a result, Bluetooth speakers are great for single room applications or fully independent zones, but will not work for multiroom applications where audio needs to play across multiple zones simultaneously. For multiroom audio or open plan configurations requiring multiple speakers, we recommend Wi-Fi In-Ceiling Speakers.

Active speakers can be a good solution for retrofit or smaller projects. However for larger multiroom audio solutions, and those requiring greater flexibility or a higher quality audio experience, we recommend a system like Sonos which consists of passive (non-amplified) speakers and a separate amplifier.

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing an active in-ceiling stereo pair, you will receive one master speaker and one slave speaker. The master speaker contains the amplifier, while the slave speaker is simply a non-amplified passive speaker which is driven by the master. Therefore, when installing a stereo pair, the slave speaker must be connected to the master speaker via a length of speaker cable (5m of speaker cable is supplied with pairs).

*The power supply must be protected by a 3A fuse or circuit breaker. If powering from an existing circuit (including lighting circuits) then a 3A fused spur must be fitted.

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