In-Ceiling Speakers offer a more discreet alternative to traditional big box-in-room speakers. From top-quality audio in the living room to background music around the home there is a ceiling speaker available for any room or application.

Standard mono speakers can be paired up for stereo sound, or a single stereo speaker can provide both the left and right channels from a single speaker for smaller rooms. There are even speakers that you can plaster into the ceiling for the ultimate in discreet installations

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In-Wall Speakers can also be used for ceiling installations, the only difference is the shape. You read more about it in our blog post about The Difference Between In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers.

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PLEASE NOTE: Most in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are designed to utilise the installation cavity as an acoustic enclosure. As a result, this type of open-backed custom install speaker must be installed to achieve optimum performance. Testing them without an enclosure will not allow the speakers to produce their true sound quality.