In-Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers are a great solution for home audio, and can provide fantastic sound quality while also being super discreet and virtually invisible. If you think ceiling speakers are poor quality compared to traditional speakers and plug-in wireless speakers, then think again. All models from top brands use technology from their Hi-Fi speakers to produce high quality true-to-life sound, and premium models can sound every bit as good as their Hi-Fi relatives if installed correctly (for further information on this please read our blog, ‘Getting the best from your custom installation speakers’).

See Nothing, Hear Everything

We're passionate about 'see nothing, hear everything' audio, and helping our customers install superb systems to give them years of listening pleasure. Ceiling speakers are the perfect solution for discreet home audio systems, whether it's one room or an entire house. Enjoy Hi-Fi sound without the Hi-Fi, and rediscover the quality of proper speakers.

We stock a huge range of in-ceiling speakers from top brands like Monitor Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, KEF, Focal, DALI, JBL, Sonos, Lithe Audio and more. Depending on your requirements, you may need a specific type of in-ceiling speaker suited to the location, functionality, or existing wiring. To ensure you choose the correct speaker, here are some further details of specific models. And if you need any assistance selecting products, designing a system, or installing audio into a project, then please get in touch with our expert team.

Passive Speakers - The majority of custom installation speakers are passive, which means that just like Hi-Fi speakers, they must be wired back to an amplifier. Wireless streaming amplifiers like the Sonos Amp are the perfect partner to passive speakers. Passive speakers are normally wired as a stereo pair, or two stereo pairs for larger areas.

Active Speakers - Active speakers have a built-in amplifier. They need to be wired to a mains power supply, but because no speaker cable needs to be run back to an amplifier, they can be easier to retrofit in some circumstances. Connectivity for music playback is via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi models are required for multiroom audio and zone grouping, but Bluetooth models can be a cost effective solution for more basic needs.

Single Stereo Speakers - These speakers are passive but feature a dual voice coil and dual tweeters allowing them to be used individually with a stereo amplifier. They are generally used for smaller spaces like bathrooms and en-suites where a pair of speakers might be difficult to accommodate or unnecessary. When wiring for single stereo speakers, please remember that they require both left and right inputs, and therefore need a 4-core cable or 2x 2-core cables.

Low Profile Speakers - A typical in-ceiling speaker will require around 100-150mm of ceiling void depth. Timber floors generally provide ample depth, but certain constructions, such as concrete floors and suspended ceilings may have a significantly reduced depth. In these situations, a specialist low profile in-ceiling speaker designed to be as slim as possible may be needed.

Weatherproof Speakers - In-ceiling speakers can be used in many different environments, but if the installation location is damp or has high humidity, such as a wet room, shower, sauna, or outdoor location, then it is recommended to install IP rated weather resistant models to ensure long life in these harsher conditions.

Marine Speakers - Marine applications are arguably the toughest environment for in-ceiling speakers. Specialist marine speakers are designed to withstand water, salt spray, high humidity and UV exposure, while at the same time delivering the high performance expected for luxury yachts.

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