Monitor Audio Creator Series - Architectural Sound Redefined

by Tom Thackwray

British High-Fidelity Architectural Sound Redefined

Monitor Audio has long been at the forefront of in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers, built on their renowned Hi-Fi heritage.

In 2023, Monitor Audio replaced the majority of their hugely popular architectural speakers with an all-new 3-tier range call Creator Series. These new models have refined every aspect of their architectural speakers from sound quality to ease of installation.

"The Creator Series re-writes the rules of custom installation. A smart, tiered range of high-performance, installer-friendly in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers that delivers better sound for customers, and enhanced flexibility and clarity for installers... The application of key Monitor Audio acoustic technologies more usually found in our premium standalone loudspeakers ensures lifelike, pristine sound, while innovative features and a comprehensive, clearly defined range make for hassle-free installation. If you thought you knew custom installation, think again; Creator Series redefines British high-fidelity architectural sound."


One of the key updates in the Creator Series in-ceiling range is the use of all-new 7" and 9" drive units. These larger drivers produce a wider frequency response and improved performance, while at the same time having the same cutout size as previous 6.5" and 8" models. This facilitates easy installation for customers looking to upgrade their systems.

For a complete guide on the transition from past models to Creator Series, including recommended alternatives and performance upgrade suggestions, please see the following PDF document and performance or solution equivalent links.

Monitor Audio Creator Series Transition Guide

Previous Model Performance or Solution Equivalent Same Cutout Size
C165-T2 C2M-T2X Yes
C265 C1M Yes
C265-FX C2M-T2X Yes
C265-IDC C3M Yes
C180-T2 C2L-T2X Yes
C280 C2L Yes
C280-IDC C3L Yes
C380-FX C2L-T2X Yes
C380-IDC C3L Yes
CS140 C1S No
CS160 C1S Yes
CS180 C1M Yes
CP-CT150 C2M-CP Yes
CP-CT260 C2L-CP Yes
CP-CT380 C3L-CP Yes
W265 W1M No
W280 W2M No
W280-IDC W2M No
W380-IDC W3M No
W250-LCR W1M No
CP-WT250 W2M-CP No
CP-WT380 W2M-CP No