Wharfedale WCM-80 In Ceiling Speakers (Pair)- Special Offer

Wharfedale WCM-80 In Ceiling Speakers (Pair)- Special Offer


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Wharfedale's WCM-80 in-ceiling speakers offer great performance at a fantastic price, and are part of the Wharfedale Custom Installation range. 

This line of installation speakers includes two in-ceiling mounted models - the Wharfedale WCM-65 (6.5-inch driver) and the Wharfedale WCM-80 (8-inch driver).

The Wharfedale WCM-80 Ceiling Speakers are sold as a pair and provide good quality audio at an unbeatable price. With their 8-inch bass driver (203 mm), a cut-out diameter of 245mm and a mounting depth of 103mm they are the ideal ceiling speakers for larger rooms like kitchens and living rooms, as well as Home Cinema Installations.

Each speaker demonstrates Wharfedale’s great build quality along with a musically thrilling sound.

The trimless exterior design on the Wharfedale WCM-80 models with magnetic micro-perforated grilles guarantees a seamless blend between the ceiling (or wall) and the speaker.

While externally the speakers are simplistic and discreet, advanced drivers and crossover networks are housed within. The rigid polypropylene bass driver paired with an ultra-durable, high-excursion rubber surround guarantees stability under high pressure and extensive bass output.

Titanium dome tweeters with highly efficient neodymium motor systems complete each speakers’ wide frequency response with a scintillating high frequency and wide dispersion. Both WCM-65 and WCM-80 models have a rotatable tweeter for optimised positioning.


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Wharfedale WCM-80 In Ceiling Speakers (Pair)- Special Offer

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