Here you can find a selection of videos we have produced to help you, ranging from reviews to explanations to set up guides!

The Lithe Audio Range | Explained

Lithe Audio have really impressed us with their innovative approach to installed home audio. By building amplifiers into their products they have provided a more direct WiFi and Bluetooth ceiling speaker solution, along with a selection of great passive speakers. Check out our video exploring their exciting range of products below:

Setting up the Lithe Audio Bluetooth and WiFi Speakers | A Guide

Lithe Audio's 'plug and play' range of active speakers are a great solution for easy installed audio in your home. We wanted to show you just how simple it is to set up their WiFi and Bluetooth ceiling speakers with an iPhone or Android phone, as well as how to connect a passive speaker for a stereo pair. Check our our video guiding you through the set up below:


Sonos Architectural Speakers | Review and Test

Sonos have made their first leap into the architectural speaker world with the release of their In-Ceiling and In-Wall models. The speakers - made in collaboration with Sonance - feature a 6 inch bass driver and 25mm tweeter and boast the ability to utilise Trueplay technology when combined with the new Sonos Amp!

Check out our video review of the new speakers to see us set up and test Trueplay and give our opinion on the speakers:


The New Sonos Amp | Review and Test

The Sonos Amp is the successor to one of our best selling products, the Connect:AMP, and so understandably we were excited to get our hands on it. In this video we show off new features like Airplay 2 and the new HDMI port, as well as pushing the increased channel power of the Amp to its limits..: