Best Ceiling Speakers For The Bathroom - The Ultimate Guide + VIDEO

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Bathroom with ceiling speakers

Ceiling speakers are an excellent solution for having audio in the bathroom as it’s not typically a room where you can place a conventional box-type speaker. Whether you want to listen to your favourite radio station whilst brushing your teeth in the morning or relax with a podcast in the bath, this guide will help you work out what would best meet your needs.


  1. Active Or Passive Bathroom Ceiling Speakers?
  2. How Many Ceiling Speakers Do You Need In Your Bathroom?
  3. The Best Passive Bathroom Ceiling Speakers
  4. Amp Solutions for Passive Bathroom Systems
  5. The Best Active Bathroom Ceiling Speakers


Active or Passive Bathroom Ceiling Speakers?  

Passive/active speaker diagram

There are two types of ceiling speakers available - active or passive.

Active speakers have an amplifier built-in and work great as a single zone solution, they just need to be connected to a mains power supply and can be controlled from your device using either WiFi or Bluetooth. If you are only looking to install ceiling speakers in your bathroom then these are a great, cost-effective option.

Passive speakers require an external amplifier to power them over speaker cable. This is the best option as part of a whole-house audio system, and amplifiers from brands like Sonos, Denon HEOS and Bluesound allow you to choose which rooms are playing audio straight from your device. Passive speakers are also often able to offer a better level of performance.


How Many Ceiling Speakers Do You Need In Your Bathroom? 

If you’ve chosen whether you want active or passive speakers, the next thing to decide is how many speakers you are going to need in your bathroom.

Given that bathrooms are generally some of the smaller rooms in a house the most common recommendation we make is that you install a single stereo ceiling speaker (you can read more about them here).


For bigger bathrooms up to 5 metres x 5 metres, we generally recommend having a pair of speakers, giving you true stereo sound and better filling the room with audio.



The Best Passive Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

If passive speakers would provide the best solution, below we have selected some of our most popular passive bathroom ceiling speakers at a number of price points, one of which will hopefully fit your budget. Our entry-level speakers provide a great sound but you will notice a higher quality of audio as you move through the range. Due to the nature of a bathroom environment, these speakers are all resistant to these higher levels of moisture and humidity:

Monitor audio c165-t2 speakerMonitor Audio C165-T2 - £145 Each - Monitor Audio's C165-T2 features a 6.5-inch bass driver and two pivoting 25mm C-CAM tweeters, meaning it not only provides great-sounding stereo audio from a single speaker but also the option for directional sound. It will fill a small bathroom with good quality sound.

Speakercraft aim7 dt three speakerSpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 DT THREE – £249 Each - This speaker represents a step up in quality. The 7-inch bass driver delivers an impressive bass response and along with the dual pivoting aluminium 25mm tweeters will fill your bathroom with high-quality audio, along with the bonus of a lifetime warranty.

BluCube BCK-65 speakerBluCube BCK-65 - £299 Per Pair - The BluCube BCK-65 is an excellent choice for medium-sized bathrooms. Featuring 6.5 inch woven Kevlar bass drivers and pivoting 25mm titanium dome tweeters they deliver excellent stereo sound and excellent directionality. 


Amp Solutions for Passive Bathroom Systems

As we mentioned earlier, passive ceiling speakers require an amplifier to power them through speaker cable and so we have selected some great amplifiers you could use. Some are best for driving a single zone whilst others are able to be integrated into a whole-house audio system:

Systemline e50 bluetooth amplifier in whiteSystemline E50 Bluetooth Amplifier (White) - £220 - Featuring a touch screen and gesture control, this is a great amp for a single zone bathroom solution. Simply connect to and control it via Bluetooth from your device. *Note - only the white version is suitable for bathrooms as it does not feature an AUX jack.

Sonos ampSonos Amp - £599 - The Sonos Amp is one of our best-selling products. An ideal choice for a whole-house audio system, each amplifier outputs an impressive 125 watts per channel, getting the most out of your speakers and allowing you to link them up as zones and pick and choose where your audio plays via WiFi.


The Best Active Bathroom Ceiling Speakers

If you’ve decided to buy active speaker models for your bathroom we stock some great options from Lithe Audio:

Lithe audio wifi wf-650 ip44 speakersLithe Audio WF-650 WiFi IP44 Speakers £429 Per Pair -  The WiFi pair both include a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter, with the master model featuring the built-in amplifier with WiFi connectivity, capable of driving the slave speaker and providing great stereo sound for your bathroom. Both speakers are IP44 rated meaning they are resistant to dust and moisture.

Lithe audio bluetooth ip44 speakersLithe Audio Bluetooth IP44 Speakers - £299 Per Pair - The Bluetooth speakers both feature a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 25mm tweeter, with the master model featuring the built-in amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity which is able to drive the passive slave speaker. They will fill your bathroom with great stereo sound. Both speakers are IP44 rated meaning they are resistant to dust and moisture.












A Guide to Bathroom Ceiling Speakers - VIDEO


As always, we are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about buying an audio system and can even look over your floor plans to help you spec your perfect audio solution. You can submit a contact form here, email us at or just give us a ring on 03456 803 802.