Showcase: Ceiling Speakers in a Shower / Steam Room

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We recently ran a competition where we asked our customers to send in photos of their installations so we could show those of you thinking about installing ceiling speakers just how great they can look. The winner of this competition submitted such good pictures we just had to share them, take a look for yourself... 

Shower/steam room pic 1


Our customer contacted us a couple of months ago about waterproof ceiling speakers for their shower/steam room and we recommended a pair of the Q Acoustics QI 50CW to deal with the demanding environment and exposure to moisture, along with a QED WM14 In-Wall Volume Control to allow them to easily control the volume.

You can read more about it in our 'Best Ceiling Speakers For The Bathroom' blog post.

Steam room QI 50CW IN ceiling


Assembly of ceiling speakers pic 1

We won’t claim too much of the credit though, after designing the project in AutoCAD, our customer used a laser cutter on a black acrylic ceiling panel to get the cutouts for the speakers perfect.

They even pre-assembled the speakers, lights and the plumbing for the twin shower head prior to installation due to a lack of vertical clearance above the shower. Check out the assembly below.

 Assembling shower speakers wiring

ceiling speakers mounted above shower


The result is a stunning shower/steam room which would not look out of place in a high-end spa.

Ceiling speakers steam room shower finished product


Finished steam room ceiling speakers picture 2



The speaker grilles have been painted black to match the ceiling, demonstrating just how unobtrusive installed speakers can be.

Along with the steam room, our customer also installed speakers on either side of the skylight which we think looks fantastic.

Ceiling Speakers sunroom roof window


The prize for the winner of this competition included a £50 Amazon Voucher which the customer was happy to redeem.

£50 Amazon Voucher Redeemed


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