Ceiling Speaker Installation in a London Loft Conversion

by ceiling-speakers.co.uk Admin
We recently received some feedback from a customer based in London about his ceiling speaker installation. The project involved installing an audio system into a bedroom, en-suite bathroom and office while carrying out a loft conversion. He wanted a system with good sound quality and a simple control system. After discussion he chose the Sonos wireless audio system and Monitor Audio CT265 speakers.
“This is a quick note to thank you for the excellent pre- and after-sales service your company provided while I was fitting out my recently renovated bedroom, office and en-suite with Monitor Audio ceiling speakers and a Sonos amplifier.
The speakers are excellent, sure, but more importantly they’re right for the job and that’s down to you guys asking the right questions and offering good advice.
This wasn’t a cheap exercise and it’d have been much easier to simply dump some bookshelf speakers in the corner of each room. But I don’t regret a pound of what I’ve invested. They sound great, they’re discreet (I still catch myself doing a double-take sometimes when I realise the music’s coming from the ceiling), they take up no floor or shelf space and they feel very well made.
Cabling, sockets and plugs were all well-made and easy to utilise during the installation.
As for Sonos? I’m a complete convert. It’s ridiculously easy to set up and it just works. Sonos has replaced several DAB tuners in the house, it’s now talking to my network storage drive to play MP3s and has linked in to Spotify without any fuss. Again, money well spent on the best, quality tool for the job. Keep up the good work.”
MW, London