Denon HEOS Drive & 8 x B&W CCM665 Ceiling Speakers

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This is a package consisting of a Denon HEOS Drive HS2 and 8 x B&W CCM665 Ceiling Speakers.

This ceiling speakers package is ideal for a 4-zones multi-room audio system

Denon HEOS Drive HS2

The HEOS Drive HS2 is designed to offer high-quality whole home multi-zone audio from a single compact chassis. Designed by custom integration specialists for custom integration professionals, HEOS Drive is a unique 4 zone whole home audio distribution system with 8 channels of Class D amplification, all in a 2RU single chassis that features both Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital decoding with stereo down-mixing, as well as high resolution music support.

Rated at 60 watts per channel into each of the 8 channels (20Hz20kHz,. 05 THD, 8 ohms, All Channels Driven), 1 or 2 stereo amp pairs can be bridged for single channel high power output (130 watts), and the HEOS Drive features low impedance drive capability (4 ohms).Each zone features a stereo pair of pre-amp outputs, and each zone can be configured for stereo or mixed mono output.

The matrix switching system features 2 optical digital inputs, 2 coaxial digital inputs and 4 analog stereo inputs, any of which can be assigned to any zone, and every zone features a dedicated USB port for connection to an external USB drive.

The speaker outputs feature 4-way binding posts that are compatible with banana plug terminations, and there are 4 x 12V trigger outputs. The chassis features quiet fan cooling for long term stability and operational reliability.

B&W CCM665 Ceiling Speakers

The entry-point in the CI600 in-ceiling range is a very affordable way to access B&Ws multi award winning '6' Series loudspeakers. The CCM665 is perfect for medium listening areas like living rooms or kitchens. The speaker features a 150mm (6in) woven Glass Fibre bass/midrange driver and a soft dome tweeter. QuickDogs™ Install toggles and plug-and-play functionality make installation a breeze.

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Denon HEOS Drive & 8 x B&W CCM665 Ceiling Speakers

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