What’s the Difference Between a Multi-Channel and a Multi-Zone Amplifier?

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This question arises quite frequently so we thought we should address this topic in a blog post to try and broaden perceptions of what is achievable within multi-room audio projects.

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    Multi-Channel Amplifiers

    Multi channel amplifier SpeakerCraft SC12-30 12

    Essentially a multi-channel amplifier will reproduce the same audio source  distributed at the same volume over multiple speakers, typically up to 12.*

    This is often ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants and retail units but usually not for residential audio systems where a much greater degree of control is typically required. For example, different volume levels in different rooms, turning rooms on and off remotely and allowing different audio sources to be played in different rooms simultaneously.

    This is when a multi-zone (or multi-room) amplifier is what is required. 

    Multi-Zone Amplifiers


    multi room sound system

    For multi-zone amplification, each area (zone) requires its own independent control. 

    A single multi-room amplifier is typically designed to run a single zone and it can be wirelessly synchronised with multiple other amplifiers of the same kind in order to cover multiple zones. 

    So for instance, if you were looking to install speakers in different rooms such as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, with the possibility of playing and controlling music for each room independently, you need to use a single zone amplifier (such as the Sonos Amp) for each room.

    Multi Zone Amplifiers quote

    In doing so you will be able to control the amplifiers over wifi or a wired ethernet connection, and control the volume of each zone individually (or multiple zones together) through an App on your phone or via the controls on the amplifier itself. 

    sonos app multi room home audio

    Can't I just use one multi-room amplifier to control multiple zones in my house?

    We are often asked to supply a single amplifier capable of running an entire home audio system and the truth is that there is usually no single unit that is capable of doing this.

    The only exception is an amplifier from Denon’s HEOS multi-room audio system called the HEOS Drive HS2. This will allow connection of four pairs of speakers and independent control of four zones. Again, any or all of these zones can be turned on and off or grouped together using the HEOS control app.

    hoes drive 4 zone amp

    The main reason why you are likely to need multiple single-zone amplifiers rather than a single “multi-zone” amplifier that deals with all the zones in your home is because, to cover every possible eventuality, the amplifier manufacturer would need to offer a single-zone amplifier, a two-zone amplifier, a three-zone amplifier and so on in order to have one available for every potential project.

    Heos Drive HS 2 front and back

    For example, an eight-zone amplifier wouldn’t be useful if you require ten zones of amplification and someone wanting a six-zone model would not want to buy an eight-zone amplifier as they would resent paying for the additional two zones of amplification they didn't require.

    This approach obviously wouldn’t be efficient to the manufacturers, and the structure to date has been to manufacture smaller and more versatile single-zone amplifiers with the HEOS Drive HS2 being the exception to this rule.This modular approach allows the user or installer to specify precisely the right number of amplifiers for any given project without overspending on unnecessary zones as well as allowing additional amplifiers to be added in the future.

    Multi Room With 2 sonos 2 Rooms

    Heos Amp HS2

    Heos AMP Hs 2 front and back


    Sonos Amp

    Sonos Amp Front Back


    These zone amplifiers are typically very compact (20cm x 20cm) and can be located either centrally to the project or more locally to the speakers they are connected to if this makes installation easier. Wall brackets are also often available, and as they are controlled over the Wi-Fi network they do not need to be on display.

    To shop for full systems with Sonos Amp and Ceiling Speakers visit our Sonos Speaker Systems collection.

    We hope this is of help and clears up some of the mystery surrounding this subject, if you would like any further info or to discuss any project then please do get in touch.


    *Whilst it is often the case that multiple audio sources can be connected to a single multi-channel amplifier, allowing it to then supply different audio to different zones, this is usually an unnecessarily complex solution and often not cost-effective. This often requires a greater degree of technical knowledge than is worth any cost-saving so we do not recommend this approach unless you are very technically proficient. We are happy to discuss this with you as an option though.


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