BluCube is a relatively new name to the UK, with a range of speakers that offer big brand performance at very competitive prices. These have been designed to offer great performance in a wide range of listening environments and excellent value for money.

Their flagship BCK range offer high quality Kevlar bass drivers which resonate in a manner that gives a warm and rich sound and allow the speaker to handle more power, and the tweeters offer a full 30-degree tilt with a rotational swivel. Both bass and treble adjustments are available on the BCK-65 and BCK-80 models.

The BCP range use lower-specification polypropylene bass drivers to offer a good sound quality at an affordable price point, while retaining the typical BluCube sonic signature.

The CCL-650 model is an entry-level design offering reasonable sound quality and great value. They have a conveniently shallow mounting depth and offer wide compatibility.

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