What are Single Stereo Ceiling Speakers?

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SpeakerCraft Profile AIM7 DT THREE In Ceiling Speaker


A Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker is capable of providing full stereo sound from a single speaker unit and can be especially useful for installations in smaller rooms.

  1. What are Single Stereo Ceiling Speakers?
  2. When Would I Use a Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker?
  3. Which Single Stereo Speaker Should I Buy?


What are Single Stereo Ceiling Speakers? 



In a typical ceiling speaker set up two speakers are used, one which receives the left channel of audio and one which receives the right, resulting in stereo sound when both speakers play together. A single stereo speaker is able to receive both the left and right audio channels and play stereo sound from one speaker.

A single stereo speaker is usually able to produce stereo sound because it has two tweeters (the speaker component responsible for handling higher frequencies), whilst a typical speaker only has one. This means one tweeter can handle the left channel of audio and one can handle the right while the bass driver handles the non-directional lower frequencies for both audio channels, meaning you can have full stereo sound whilst only having to install a single speaker in the ceiling. Whilst there are advantages of having separate tweeters for left and right channels such as stereo separation, stereo sound can still be achieved through one tweeter, an example being Lithe Audio's range of active speakers

If the single stereo speaker is passive (requires an amplifier to power it, like most models) it will require either two runs of standard ‘two-core’ speaker cable to feed both audio channels from the amplifier to the speaker or one run of a specific type of speaker cable called ‘four-core’, which is essentially two runs of 'two core' in a single outer jacket. 


When Would I Use a Single Stereo Speaker?



Single stereo speakers are ideal for installations where only one speaker is able to fit in the ceiling. If you are looking for audio in a smaller room such as a bedroom or bathroom where space is limited, a single stereo speaker can ensure that you will still be able to listen to your favourite playlists or podcast in true stereo sound, as it was meant to be experienced.


Which Single Stereo Speaker Should I Buy?

The question of which single stereo speaker is right for you depends on a few things, such as the environment in which you wish to place the speaker, whether you are looking for an active or passive speaker and what level of sound quality you would like. Whilst we believe that all of the products we sell guarantee a good level of audio quality there are always higher-end products for those looking for an even better quality audio experience.

The first thing to consider is whether you want a passive or an active single stereo speaker. Most are passive, meaning they require an amplifier to power them, and are usually the right choice when the speaker will be part of a larger multi-room audio system. Active speakers, which can be plugged straight into the mains, fall into two categories with either Bluetooth or WiFi compatibility. Bluetooth speakers such as the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Speaker offer a single zone solution as they cannot be grouped or synchronised with each other while WiFi models such as the Lithe Audio WF-650SST can be grouped together using control apps for your devices.

 Lithe Audio WF-650SST Wi-Fi Ceiling Wireless Speaker (Each) Lithe-Audio-WF-650SST-Wi-Fi-Ceiling-Wireless-Speaker-(Each) Lithe Audio WF-650SST Wi-Fi Ceiling Wireless Speaker (Each) Lithe Audio WF-650SST Wi-Fi Ceiling Wireless Speaker

The next thing to consider is the environment the speaker will be placed in. A standard single stereo speaker is fine for typical rooms like a bedroom, small kitchen or a bathroom, but if you wanted to install one in a sauna, wet room or on a boat we would recommend that you buy an IP rated single stereo speaker, which provides increased protection against moisture. If you wish to install the speaker outdoors we also have garden speaker system options available such as the AWC range from Monitor Audio.

Bathroom Speakers

The last thing to consider is what sort of audio quality you desire. All of our single stereo speakers can guarantee an impressive level of audio quality, starting with great-sounding models from Monitor Audio and Q Acoustics,  but higher-end speakers such as the SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 283 DT THREE Series 2 (shown below) are available for those who want to experience the highest audio quality available.

SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 283 DT THREE Series 2 In Ceiling Speaker


As always, we are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about any of our products or planning a home audio system. You can submit a contact form here, email us at sales@ceiling-speakers.co.uk or just give us a ring on 03456 803 802.