Ceiling Speakers and Fire & Acoustic Hoods

by Jake Abberley

What are Fire & Acoustic Hoods

Fire & Acoustic Hoods are hollow fabric encasings that are placed over the top of ceiling speakers and fit snuggly around the speaker once they are installed in the ceiling. They are placed in the void where the speakers are going to be installed and are fixed down to the ceiling itself, either from the speakers dog leg fittings or pins.. The install is incredibly easy and provides many benefits.

Ceiling Speaker Firehood

Ceiling Speaker Fire Rating

When installing ceiling speakers, UK building regulations state that Fire & Acoustic hoods should be used when the ceiling speakers are being installed under liveable space, for example a room above. This is because when cutting a hole in your ceiling and installing a ceiling speaker, the consistency of fire burn time is compromised. Fire hoods are made of fire resistant material that will prolong the fire burn time and stop areas where fires can gust up into the rooms above.

Ceiling Speaker FirehoodCeiling Speaker Acoustic Benefits

Not only can Fire & Acoustic hoods help with the fire rating of a room, they can also provide acoustic benefits as well. Placing a hood over the back of the ceiling speaker prevents sound from leaking out the back of the speakers to rooms adjacent and above. Furthermore, Fire & Acoustic hoods can give the speaker a backbox to enhance and centralise the sound coming down into a room. They are a great way to improve the overall quality of your ceiling speakers.  

Ceiling speakers

What hoods do I need?

The choices to be made with hoods are dependant on the size of your speakers. Here are some of our recommendations.


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8 Inch Driver Speakers - Hoody 2 Fire & Acoustic Hood


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