SpeakerCraft Profile AIM5 THREE Series 2 In Ceiling Speaker (Each)


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The SpeakerCraft AIM Series 2 range of speakers is a revolutionary concept and has been designed for sophisticated installations demanding excellent sonic performance. They will also integrate perfectly with advanced object-based surround audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, and DTS:X®.

The re-design of this speaker range addresses every aspect of the speaker from front to back and results in unprecedented sound quality, as AIM Series 2 adapts technology that was once only utilized in large sound reinforcement experiences such as live concerts, and introduces the groundbreaking adjustable pivoting ARC Tweeter Array™.

By incorporating multiple tweeters in a line array, AIM Series 2 speakers deliver focused high frequencies further into the listening area than standard tweeter configurations and lowers the crossover point to increase the sound pressure level at the critical mid-range frequencies so that listeners enjoy a much larger listening sweet spot.

As well as allowing a 359 degree rotation within the chassis, the speakers also feature 15 degrees of pivot on both the bass driver and tweeter array. They also feature Acoustic Isolation Technology to damp the resonance between the speaker chassis and the ceiling board into which it is installed.

Speaker Features

- ARC Tweeter Array incorporating tweeters with 15o Pivoting & 359o - Rotational Capability.
- Bass Driver with 15o Pivoting Capability
- WavePlane Technology with Vortex Eliminators
- Acoustic Isolation Technology to minimize acoustic energy transfer to mounting and surrounding surfaces
- Front-Mounted Switch Allows for +/- 3dB of treble adjustment
- Trimless magnetic grille for an easier and neater installation

SpeakerCraft Profile AIM5 THREE Series 2 In Ceiling Speaker (Each)

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