SpeakerCraft ATX 100 Dolby Atmos Enabled Height In Wall Speaker (Each)


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The AIM Series 2 ATX100 in-wall height speaker is designed specifically for Dolby Atmos® and other object-based sound formats and reflects sound off the ceiling to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment alive all around the audience. The ATX100 TheATX100 is the architectural in-wall solution to the traditional floor-standing or bookshelf height speakers currently available, and it's design adheres to Dolby’s recommended specifications and requirements for optimal performance.

The ATX100’s dual drivers and tweeter fire upward into the acoustically controlled wave guide that projects the Dolby Atmos height cue information off the ceiling, creating the immersive effect. The 19mm custom titanium dome tweeter with high-energy Neodymium magnet structure boasts frequency response up to 22kHz, and with its dual 64mm Kevlar-reinforced pulp mid-bass drivers, the ATX100 can handle up to 125 Watts of amplifier power.

To maximise the sound reproduction and minimise sound transmission to adjacent rooms, theATX100 features a fully integrated acoustic back box, and like other speakers in the AIM Series 2 line, it leverages SpeakerCraft’s Acoustic Isolation Technology™ to minimise acoustic energy transfer to the mounting and surrounding surfaces. This acoustic decoupling allows listeners to hear more of the actual speaker and less of the sound that normally radiates from the mounting surface.

- The first available, Dolby Atmos® Enabled Architectural In-Wall Height Speaker Module
- Flangeless Appearance with Magnetically Attached, Low Profile, Full Coverage Trimless Grille
- Meets and Exceeds Dolby Atmos® Enabled Requirements for Residential Applications
- 2-Way Speaker Compliment in MTM (Mid-Tweet-Mid) Alignment
- Dual 64mm FEA Optimised Kevlar Reinforced Pulp Mid-Bass Drivers
- Atmos Height Cue Design
- Extended pole pieces
- Deep Motor Design
- Copper Shorting Rings
- Til Glass Fiber Former
- Dual Layer High Inductance Voice Coil
- Copper Clad Aluminium Voice Coil (CCAW)
- 19mm Custom Titanium Dome Tweeter with High Energy Neodymium Magnet Structure
- Acoustically Controlled Wave Guide
- AIT (Acoustic Isolation Technology) to Minimise Acoustic Energy Transfer to Mounting and Surrounding Surfaces
- Fully Integrated, Acoustic Back-box for Precise Sound Reproduction and Minimisation of Sound Transmission to Adjacent Rooms

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