SONOS Connect Amp & 4 x Speakercraft Profile AIM8 ONE In Ceiling Speaker

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The Sonos Connect Amp is an old model and it is now being discontinued. 

To see the equivalent package with the new Sonos Amp please visit Sonos Speaker Systems collection.

This is a package consisting of a SONOS Connect Amp and 4 x Speakercraft Profile AIM8 ONE Speakers.

In our opinion, this package is ideal for a large (> 5m x 5m) sized room and will provide good quality audio.


The Sonos CONNECT:AMP brings the joys of the Sonos system to almost any pair of speakers. With a built-in 55 watt amplifier, you simply connect up stereo speakers via standard speaker cable and you have a complete Sonos Zone! A further handy feature is the active RCA subwoofer output. Connect up any active subwoofer of your choice and enjoy window-rattling bass. As you'd expect from Sonos, sound quality is first-rate. The built-in digital amplifier provides a powerful, dynamic sound with subtle detail and clarity ever present.

Bring Sonos' versatility to your own choice of speakers with the Sonos CONNECT:AMP. 

Speakercraft Profile AIM8 ONE Speakers

The sleek Profile magnetic grille is now an option on many of our in-ceiling and in-wall models, including such award winning designs as the AIM8 in-ceiling and the AIM LCR in-wall. Nothing changes but the grille. The sound is exactly the same. The Speakercraft tradition of innovative design combined with extensive engineering effort has led to the creation of the AIM series of fully directional in-ceiling loudspeakers. Each model can be entirely pivoted towards the listener whilst remaining discretely recessed behind a flush-mounted grille. If the listening position changes, the speaker can be easily aimed in another direction with a simple push of the hand. Speakercraft's innovation and excellence in engineering make the AIM series a range of exceptionally fine sounding speakers. - Injection moulded polypropylene cone bass driver- Treated silk dome tweeter- Timbre-matched to all Speakercraft 'One' series speakers

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SONOS Connect Amp & 4 x Speakercraft Profile AIM8 ONE In Ceiling Speaker

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