SONOS Amp & 2 x Speakercraft Ruckus6 ONE Outdoor Speakers

SONOS / Speakercraft

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This is a package consisting of a SONOS Amp and 2 x Speakercraft Ruckus6 ONE Speakers.

In our opinion, this package is ideal for a medium sized room and will provide high quality audio.

The SONOS Amp is the latest dedicated amplifier from SONOS, and improves greatly on the model of the outgoing Connect:Amp, which had become our best-selling amplifier of all time through its clever design, ease of set-up and use, and continuous improvements to its performance and flexibility via free updates from SONOS. You can now enjoy high-fidelity performance with an uprated 125 Watts per channel; plenty to power almost any speakers whether they are bookshelf, floor-standing, in-ceiling or in-wall designs.

Speakercraft Ruckus6 ONE Speakers

A major upgrade in both aesthetics and performance, Ruckus landscape speakers are the perfect choice for gardens, backyards, flower beds and any other natural outdoor environment. The new rock inspired enclosures are made of reinforced poly-resin that matches the colour of the U.V. weather-resistant lacquer coating that covers the speaker. The result is a stone finish that, even if chipped or marred, will simply expose the same colour and texture underneath. This means the speaker will look good and sound good for years to come.New driver elements and crossover networks have resulted in higher fidelity and greater sound pressure levels. Now the backyard can literally be filled with sound that rivals the finest indoor systems. Three models are available. There is also a dual tweeter model and a dedicated subwoofer with its own amplifier, all of which are available in either granite or sandstone finishes.If you are looking to provide quality sound outdoors in all-most any landscape, the new Ruckus series will blend in visually and dramatically impress you sonically.

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SONOS Amp & 2 x Speakercraft Ruckus6 ONE Outdoor Speakers

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