Sonos Amp & 2 x Lithe IP44 (Bathroom) 6.5" Speakers
Sonos Amp & 2 x Lithe IP44 (Bathroom) 6.5" Speakers
Sonos Amp & 2 x Lithe IP44 (Bathroom) 6.5" Speakers

Sonos Amp & 2 x Lithe IP44 (Bathroom) 6.5" Speakers

SONOS / Lithe Audio

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The SONOS Amp is the latest dedicated amplifier from SONOS, anåd improves greatly on the model of the outgoing Connect:Amp, which had become our best-selling amplifier of all time through its clever design, ease of set-up and use, and continuous improvements to its performance and flexibility via free updates from SONOS. You can now enjoy high-fidelity performance with an uprated 125 Watts per channel, plenty to power almost any speakers whether they are bookshelf, floor-standing, in-ceiling or in-wall designs.

All New Inputs

As well as analogue audio inputs for your turntable, CD player or computer it now features an HDMI connection with ARC (Audio Return Channel) to allow connection of your smart TV, and devices with an optical output can be connected via an optical to HDMI convertor. Your TV audio can be enjoyed in either stereo or surround sound.

Wireless Streaming

Audio streaming is as usual very well supported, the Amp allows you to stream using either the SONOS app, Apple AirPlay 2, or via many popular streaming Apps such as Spotify. Music stored on local devices or networks can also be played across the whole SONOS network.

Balanced Sound

Another new feature is the introduction of a ‘dual mono’ setting. This allows both left and right audio to be sent to an otherwise mono speaker, thus giving the possibility of hearing balanced sound across large areas.

Straightforward Setup

A thoughtful arrangement of connections at the back of Amp allows for a straightforward setup, and the threaded speaker connections for left and right channels are a standard diameter so you can remove these and use 4mm ‘banana’ speaker plugs.

Discreet Installation

Bespoke SONOS accessory manufacturer Flexson has also designed some dedicated brackets for the Amp, allowing wall mounting of one or four Amps, as well as a dock that accommodates four Amps vertically.


In summary then, the new SONOS Amp has a higher power output and better physical connectivity, as well as Apple Airplay 2 compatibility. TruePlay tuning can now be used, and three pairs of compatible speakers can now be connected. The dual mono setting allows for even greater flexibility across multiple rooms or larger areas.

Read more about Sonos Amp in our detailed Sonos Amp Review article.


  • Multi-Room Music
  • Adjust volume by individual zone or by groups of zones.
  • Dimensions: 64 x 217 x 217 mm
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • New High Fidelity 125W Power Amplifier designed to improve over time.
  • Operates silently as the amplifier is kept cool by the aluminum casing - not by a noisy fan.
  • Optimize sound performance for each zone using zone-specific bass - treble - balance - and loudness controls.
  • Subwoofer output with automatic crossover. When adding a subwoofer the Connect Amp automatically adjusts the output to send the low frequencies to the subwoofer and the high frequencies to the speaker
  • Tone and volume controls adjustable for each zone
  • Weight: 2.1kg


Lithe Audio 6.5" 2-Way Passive IP44 Ceiling Speaker

This Lithe Audio two-way Ceiling Speaker is the perfect audio solution for your bathroom.

Lithe designers have crafted a product that combines practicality with that wow factor your bathroom deserves.

This ceiling speaker is easy to pair with either another Passive IP or as a slave from the BLuetooth models and promises superb sound quality and excellent water protection.

Sonos Amp & 2 x Lithe IP44 (Bathroom) 6.5" Speakers

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  • for: Sonos Amp & 2 x Lithe IP44 (Bathroom) 6.5" Speakers