Monitor Audio SOUNDFRAME 3 In Wall Speaker (Each)

Monitor Audio

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Designed for surround channel duties in discreet home theatre systems or, when augmented by a subwoofer, as a main speaker in multi-channel or multi-room systems, SoundFrame 3 InWall gives custom installers a further opportunity to achieve the optimum balance of sound and design in any room. 

On-wall and in-wall versions of the SoundFrame 3 incorporate a 100mm MMP II® bass /mid-range driver with a pivoting 25mm C-CAM® gold dome tweeter, which can be directed at the listening area for improved detail and imaging. Tuned by FEA analysis to deliver a smooth, coherent and size-defying sound, the driver pairing is housed in an acoustically damped and rigid all-MDF cabinet just 300mm square and only 77mm deep. 

SoundFrame’s in-wall design is quick and easy to install. The unit simply slides into the wall cavity and is secured on four pre-fixed corner brackets. 

*Note* The face of this product sits 19mm from the surface of the wall.
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