Monitor Audio CP-IW260X In Wall Speaker (Each)

Monitor Audio

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Monitor Audio CP-IW260X

- Introducing the latest drive-unit technologies in compact three-way, five-driver configurations, built into closed-box designs.
- Fitted with acoustically-sealed cast-polymer back boxes provides the structural integrity required to preserve their exceptional sound quality and to ensure a ‘Controlled Performance’ wherever they’re installed
_ The closed-box design limits the transmission of sound between walls and floors, reducing the need for sound isolation in the wall cavity.
- Offering high efficiency with high power handling for class-leading sound pressure levels, combined with the dynamic wide-band response, deep bass extension and low distortion usually expected of specialised floor-standing speakers.
- Separate bi-wire terminations for the bass/mid and tweeter networks offer a superior level of system design flexibility for high-end custom installation, and the dedicated audiophile.
- Additional sound flexibility is offered with HF and midrange attenuation, together with a boundary compensation switch to fine-tune in-room response.

- Dual 165mm C-CAM bass drivers.
- Dual 102mm C-CAM® mid-range drivers featuring underhung voice coil.
- 25mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter.
- Portrait or landscape orientation.

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