KEF Q250C Centre Speaker (Each)


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World famous Uni-Q technology for a natural sound stage

The KEF Q250c uses a famous KEF technology to great effect, with the Uni-Q drive unit. This involves positioning the treble unit in the middle of the main woofer, creating a single point source for sound across the frequency range. The result of this is a broader, more cohesive sound that gives a wide spread of sound between the front speakers.

Improved treble

A damped loading system greatly reduces distortion, giving a smoother, more detailed top-end. The "tangerine" wave-guide system helps the treble integrate more smoothly with the mid-range.

Aluminium woofer cone with Z-Flex surround for low distortion

Made from lightweight yet rigid aluminium, the woofer unit is fast to respond and linear in its response. This helps give life-like dynamics and low levels of distortion. Using technologies developed in their high-end Concept Blade speakers, the Q250c offers attention to detail not usually seen in speakers at this level. The Z-Flex woofer surround gives superior cone control, helping it blend seamlessly with the treble unit for a more even and consistent sound.

Auxiliary Bass Radiators for smooth response

Rather than using a restrictive bass port, the KEF Q250c utilises twin ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators) for bass reinforcement. These make use of the internal air pressure, boosting the bass output at all volume levels, to deliver a full range response with lifelike depth. The lack of a rear bass port makes it easier to place against a wall or in a cabinet.

Sleek design

With hidden fixings and no speaker grille plugs, the Q250c looks sleeker than ever. Available in black or white, the minimalist style is a design classic. A speaker grille clothe is available at additional cost.

KEF Q250C Centre Speaker (Each)

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