SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR3 FIVE In Wall Speaker (Each)


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An enclosure made of birch wood for use with the SpeakerCraft Seamless Subwoofer.Taking advantage of the research and development resources invested in the original AIM LCR, SpeakerCraft have created a sibling with a much smaller footprint. The AIM LCR 3 is a two-way D’Appolito design with dual 75mm bass drivers sandwiching a pivoting 25mm dome tweeter. As with the original AIM LCR, this speaker features a fully pivoting baffle that allows you to focus the sound toward the listening area. 

The Profile AIM LCR Series was created to compliment the trend of on-wall mounted flat panel television viewing and is the perfect addition either beside, above or below any flat panel display. They are an ideal choice in a multi-channel surround sound system for all channels when wanting identical performance from each of the in-wall surround sound channels. The Profile AIM LCR Series offers the ability to pivot the entire baffle, enabling the user to easily focus the sound into the primary listening area creating a more realistic and enveloping sound stage. 

Available in three models, the AIM LCR is perfect for small theater applications as well as locations requiring a flush mounted speaker that will fit into a very small space such as a soffit. Add a subwoofer to fill in the bottom end, and you will be impressed with the amount of sound these diminutive little speakers can produce. 

- Pivoting Bass Driver Baffle 
- Two 75mm Kevlar Cone Bass Drivers with Phase Plugs 
- Pivoting 19mm Aluminum/Magnesium Dome Tweeter 
- Front-Mounted 2-Position Treble Adjustment Switch 
- Timbre-Matched to All Five Series Speakers

SpeakerCraft Profile AIM LCR3 FIVE In Wall Speaker (Each)

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