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Providing for clients' potential Audio Visual requirements at the design stage of a new home or new room is an extremely difficult task. The clients' appetite for technology and performance over look and feel is difficult to ascertain, especially when you haven't even met the client, as is often the case for new build homes.

Combining audio performance and aesthetic appeal is a challenge that only the best manufacturers have overcome, but even so, taste is personal and even these products are not always appropriate for the designed interior. For some customers the mere sight of a speaker, no matter how well it is designed, is a distraction.

It's precisely for this clientele that the notion of invisible speakers, cleverly and sympathetically hidden into ceilings, is most appealing. With the huge advances in sonic performance over the past five years, ceiling speakers now represent a solution that will not encroach upon a well thought through design but at the same time will satisfy all but the most extreme audiophiles. Providing for ceiling speakers in a new build home will enable the designers to proceed unhindered, comfortable that the clients Audio Visual requirements are safely covered.

Most ceiling speakers are specifically designed to be mounted flush to the ceiling surface and feature acoustically transparent (generally white) grilles that can be painted to match the décor. They can be installed with relative ease, as most homes have a suitable void space in the ceiling itself. This means that you can specify ceiling speakers in almost every conceivable location in the home.

We offer an extensive range of all types of ceiling speaker, with a broad spectrum of capabilities and price points to suit every buyer. Ceiling-speakers.co.uk caters for every application, whether that is simply sound from a single stereo speaker in the loo, background music in a kitchen, hi-performance stereo sound in the living room, or the ultimate application of ceiling speaker technology, a full THX certified surround sound system in the home cinema. We have every application covered!

We know that customers are increasingly demanding this discrete technology. So if you are an Architect or Interior Designer and you have a project that we can help you with, please get in touch. Call us on 03456 803 802 or email us at [email protected].

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