BluCube Speakers

BluCube is a relatively new name to the UK, with a range of speakers that offer big brand performance at exceptional prices. They have been designed to offer superb performance in a full range of listening environments as well as excellent value for money.

The advanced two-piece baffle design on the CXCL range allows the tweeters to be mounted directly onto a bridge rather than using the pole mounting found on many other designs. This allows the speaker to handle more power, which increases cone stability and results in reduced harmonic distortion. The tweeters offer a full 30-degree tilt with a rotational swivel, and along with both bass and treble adjustment on most models, this allows you to tailor and optimise speaker performance to match any room design. Magnetic low-profile grilles are standard throughout the range.

The CCL range are a less sophisticated design and offer a reasonable sound quality at an great value price. They have a conveniently shallow mounting depth and also feature magnetic low-profile grilles.